Community and People
Are Our Top Priority

“We support issues that enhance the economic/business vitality for our communities
which include the positive impact it has on our workers and residents in our communities.”

Our Mission


Monterey Bay Action Committee – Issues PAC was created in 2015. The purpose is to support issues on the Monterey Peninsula and in the County of Monterey that will help enhance the economic vitality and viability of the business community which includes tourism, agriculture, education, property ownership and in general all industries that are located on the peninsula or in the county that have a direct impact on the peninsula.

About Us

Meet The Members

Current Board Members

Jeff Davi, Chair
Paul Bruno, Vice Chair
Carol Chorbajian, Treasurer
Carol Chorbajian, Secretary

Teddy Balestreri
Kathy Anderson
Marc Kelley
Rick Aldinger
Gary Cursio


Sponsoring organizations include:

Monterey County Hospitality Association

Contributing Member Information:

  • Each Board member must contribute a minimum of $1000 to be considered for a Board position; there are a maximum number of 15 Board positions available. Sponsoring/Contributing organizations also support the PACs. Contributing members of a minimum of $1000 will have voting power to select the board of directors. Membership is the year in which the contribution was made.
  • Monies received by the PACs are duly reported as contributions to the PACs. Contributions that the PAC makes to issues are reported by the campaign as having been received from the PAC. This may be a preferable way to make political contributions when it is undesirable to have a name/company tied directly to a said issue but understand contributions to the PACs cannot be directed to a specific candidate or issue, those decisions are made solely bythe Board.
  • The PAC meets at the direction of the Chair typically once a month, a specific date is not defined, but anyone can attend by contacting Bonnie Adams for details.

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